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The GOOD Fund (Asia) Strategy

The strategy invests in GOOD companies (superior long-term returns) that do GOOD (contribute positively to society). We focus on bottom-up stock picking targeting growing businesses that benefit from (i) demographic dividend in emerging Asian countries and (ii) technology and cultural exports from developed Asian countries.

Key Features:

  • Unique and differentiated exposure to Asia ex Japan Equities (>90% active risk)
  • Long-term approach
  • Mid-small cap tilt
  • 30-50 holdings

Pan Asia Pacific ex Japan Equity Income Strategy

The strategy aims to harvest returns through dividend income and capital gain. We focus on quality companies that generate visible and consistent cash flows / or dividends while participate in the growth dynamic in Asia.
We aim to invest in companies with strong competitive edge – they are either leaders in their respective fields or are running a business with a high barrier of entry.

Key Features:

  • High dividend yield relative to reference index
  • Diversified strategy (35-70 holdings)
  • Patient long-term approach; low portfolio turnover
  • Large - mid cap tilt